New single Harmony out soon!

Check in this Friday to hear Bonafide’s brand new single Harmony released for radio, streaming and download August 1st!

Swedish hard rockers Bonafide are back with a vengeance. Bombo (released in Sweden/Scandinavia through Off Yer Rocka Recordings/Border Distributon on September 1st), a Pulp Fiction style tale of rock’n’roll debauchery over 10 chapters, sees the band return to the in your face, crotch kicking sound of their first three albums.

The first single release from the album, Harmony, witnesses Bonafide bringing down the tempo slightly but still holding true, the Bonafide hooks and shredding skills throughout its production. Harmony is a perfect example of Pontus’ quite eclectic, yet very blues / r’n’b oriented songwriting and will be sure to be a popular addition to most radio play lists over the course of the year!

Bonafide release live DVD

Messin’ in Wales – Live at Hard Rock Hell 2012, out July 1st and new studio album Bombo out September 1st!

In December 2012 Bonafide played the last show on their Ultimate Rebel Tour, their most successful UK tour to date, and as you have probably guessed by this DVD launch, the cameras were rolling…

Messin’ in Wales captures Bonafide at its best, live in concert, 120 decibels of pure rock’n’roll debauchery on the main stage at the sixth annual Hard Rock Hell Festival. Regarded by a huge chunk of press and fans alike, as the highlight of the whole festival, Bonafide performed songs from their entire catalogue making this 60 mins of pure adrenaline fuelled fun most definitely a gig to remember.

Messin’ in Wales closes another chapter in the rebels rock’n’roll saga that is all about, the rise and rise of Bonafide, as they gear up for the release of their fourth studio Bombo album September 1st!

Track listing:
1. Doing The Pretty
2. Dirt Bound
3. Butter You Up
4. Too Fired Up
5. The Mess
6. No Doubt About It
7. Hard Living Man
8. Down
9. Can’t Get Through
10. Loud Band
11. Fill Your Head With Rock

Fall/winter 2013 European and UK tour dates to be presented soon!

The Mess video from Hard Rock Hell

The Mess is single no 3 to be lifted from Swedish rockers Bonafide’s third highly successful album release Ultimate Rebel (Off Yer Rocka Recordings 2012).

Ultimate Rebel went on top of the Swedish rock charts within a week of its release, and has been hailed as one of the top releases of 2012 by rock media all over the world.

The Mess is a dark, mesmerizing rocker with a catchy lead riff, coupled with great guitar work, and an infectious chorus to die for. The Mess is released on the 14th of March 2013 and will be backed up with a live cut from the forthcoming Live DVD release, which will be out shortly. It was recorded at last year’s Hard Rock Hell Festival in Wales, where Bonafide were accompanied on stage by some very raunchy dancers in front of a packed audience, adding some sexual solidarity to the riffage.

Since their last release, Bonafide has continued to play shows all over continental Europe and the UK, and will continue touring the European club and festival circuit throughout 2013.

Expect the unexpected from these rock’n’roll rebels!

2013 will be massive!

Hi y’all!

Long time since we said anything here… been quite busy touring, and then some…

Hope you all had a great new years eve, and look forward to a great 2013 as much as we do!

Songs are being written, plans are being made… 2013 will be massive!

We just heard that Hot Metal Magazine just voted Ultimate Rebel the 2nd best album of 2012 (read the complete list here). Only beaten by the mighty Van Halen and their excellent Different kind of Truth. Thanks!

There’s a vote going on through Rock Fusion in the UK for best band of 2012, and we are nominated among Rival Sons, Gun, The Treatment and others! Make sure you cast your vote – click here.

Wonderful news about tours and a new single & video coming your way soon!

Loads of Love

Pontus, Mikael, Martin & Niklas

Happy Holidays!

Hi everybody!

Back home again after some eight weeks of touring. We finished off with a great weekend at the Hard Rock Hell festival in Wales this weekend.
Just as we got home we learned that Doing the Pretty has been voted one of the top tracks of 2012 by UK’s Classic Rock Magazine.
Thank you everybody! This, our third UK tour in less than a year, was a GREAT success!
We’ll soon update the tour section with a bunch of shows for 2013! Stay tuned!

Happy Holidays!