Welcome to the new Bonafide official website!

A warm welcome to the new updated Bonafide official website – that now features some extended history of the band, via a longer news archive and some photos, all the upcoming tour dates, stories about the albums and links to where to get ’em in the discography, all the old videos, as well as press materials, contact information and more…

Coming soon: An exciting tour announcement! And as always, make sure you also tune in to our Facebook page

From left to right: Niklas Matsson (drums), Martin Ekelund (bass), Pontus Snibb (vocals & guitar), Anders Rosell (guitar)

Photo by Lars Brundin

Stockholm Charity Run in September

We are delighted and proud to be playing Stockholm Charity Run, 8 September 2018. Visit their website at scrun.se for all the info! This is all for charity. If you want to donate and do not understand the language on the home page, let us know and we will translate.

All money, including our and our crews pay will be donated directly to charity. There will also be auctions on very nice items, where of course everything will be donated as well.

Pics from yesterdays Deep Purple support show

Finland Rocks!! Here are photos from Hamina Bastioni in Finland, opening for Deep Purple, courtesy of Planting Pictures.

Slået op af Planting PicturesLørdag den 21. juli 2018

Mikael Fässberg RIP 1968-2018

Dear friends!
We are devastated by the news of Mikaels passing.
We have lost a colleague, a friend, a brother and a great musician. Thousands of kilometers, hundreds of gigs done together.
Our thoughts go out to Elinor, Love and Ville and the rest of his family.
Rest in peace, Mikael.
We love you!
Pontus, Niklas, Martin and Anders