Ultimate Rebel is finally out!


Ultimate Rebel is finally out!

It’s there for you all to enjoy, and we hope you do just that.

10 songs – all rehearsed in hotel rooms, airports, dressing rooms and on tour coaches all over Europe. Recorded during a couple of weeks in Stockholm, Sweden, earlier this year.

We sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as we did recording it.

Making a record nowdays is easy. The hard part is to fund the whole goddamn thing and make it sound true to your original intention. We are lucky. We managed to create something that we can be proud of. Now and forever.

This record is dedicated to ALL of you who bothered to go and see Bonafide in France, Sweden, Germany, UK, Austria, Holland, Czech Republic, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Spain and Switzerland over the years.

And so the Never Ending Tour Continues… See you soon brothers and sisters.


Pontus, Mikael, Niklas & Martin

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